L. M. Valiram is a blogger, writer, entrepreneur, globe trotter, wife and mother. 


She loved to write from the time she was a child and a fluke win in a school essay competition when she was eleven gave her the misplaced belief that no other could write as well as her. Her dreams soon turned into nightmares when she had a string of rejections as she applied for employment with publications. She finally landed a job as an editorial assistant at a local daily and quit after realizing that reporting and writing are two very different vocations.


And so, for twenty busy years she forgot she loved to write. Then one day a friend reminded her and she thought: Hey, yes, what happened to that?

A pep talk and many months later, L.M. Valiram picked up from where she left off; she started to write. But it didn't come easy. She binned two manuscripts, signed up for courses on Creative Writing and embarked on her debut novel.


She was born in Bombay and raised in Hong Kong. She resides in Malaysia with her husband Sharan and two sons Neerav and Divesh.


When she is on land she spends her time between her office, coffee shops, the corner of her orange sofa or peering into the refrigerator for the perfect snack. She has low tolerance for alcohol but forgets every time she hits the bar. She hunts down indian food in whichever country she sets foot. And she prays fervently during flight turbulence. 


L.M. Valiram writes in multiple genres including suspense, mystery, thriller and literary fiction. She hopes to one day write a timeless romance. Part Star Part Dust is a work of literary fiction and is her debut novel.